Mobile Lodge

Log cabin mobile homes

Log mobile lodges / homes are an attractive alternative to a permanent building as they are subject to lighter regulations. A Mobile home is not subject to building regulations, though our Mobo homes are built to the same standard as our log cabins and are suitable for year round occupation.

What defines a mobile lodge?

There is actually very little difference between a mobile lodge / home and our other cabins though the Mobo range has a slightly higher specification. To be classed as mobile the structure must meet certain criteria :

  • It must be no more than 24 feet wide and sixty five feet long.
  • There must be no significant projections on the sides. If there is a porch, it must not be a permanent part of the structure and be capable of being removed separately.
  • The ceiling inside must be less than ten feet high.
  • If it is too wide to transport in one piece it must be capable of being separated into no more than two pieces.
  • It must be capable of being moved, but it doesn't have to have wheels. It can be moved by crane with a timber sub-frame for lifting.

There is no requirement for the mobile home to be delivered in two pieces. It is perfectly acceptable to assemble a mobile home on site so long as it can easily be separated in half at a later date. We supply our mobiles as kits to be built on site and you can build this yourself or appoint either a team recommended by us or one of your own choice.

Mobile Lodges - Log Home Solutions

Our Mobo range of homes is constructed using the same 58mm corner cross-jointed Pine logs we use in all our permanent living log homes. Walls are fully insulated with a composite structure consisting of 120mm of Paroc rockwool batts clad with a 22mm log profiled Pine cladding to resemble the outer log. Total wall thickness is 200mm and the wall has a U value of 0.3 which is considerably better than can be achieved with a solid wood wall of the same thickness. All electrics run behind the cladding on the wall and normal cavity boxes can be used.

Windows are the same double glazed windows used in the Tallbo range of log cabins, though larger at 1.2m high. There is a 16mm gap between the two layers of glazing and the windows have a U value of 1.6. Where Mobos have a glazed door in the lounge, then the door is triple glazed with a U value of 1.0

The standard roof of a Mobo kit is sheet mineral felt. Roofing options including shingles or tiles are available on request. Steel guttering and downpipes are supplied with the Mobo kit.

The floor of a Mobo is 22mm Pine floorboards, and the floor is fully insulated with 170mm of Isover insulation. Ceilings are clad in Pine panelling with 215mm of insulation above.

A Mobile home may stand either on a wooden skid, or else on a steel wheeled chassis to allow easy moving.

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