Contemporary Houses

Trend Contemporary houses

Our newest range of cabins and houses is the Trend. From small garden cabins through to large family homes and matching garages, the Trend range has a consistent theme with its modern styling and high specification.

Trend cabins all feature a mono-pitched roof with high internal ceilings and extensive glazing to give a feeling of light and space.

A Trend home has all the style of a modern designer home with thoughtful details such as:

  • Triple glazing with a market leading U value of 1.0*
  • Pre painted internal doors*
  • Pre painted fire resistant ceiling*
  • Pre stained 25mm Pine floorboards*
  • Fully insulated front door with secure cylinder lock*

* Not Trend 15

The advanced materials and construction techniques employed in a Trend home results in a home that easily meets modern Building Regulations with the styling and features modern customers demand. Whatever the size of home you require there is a Trend model to suit. If you require a customised Trend, then please contact us. We use advanced computer modelling systems to design our homes and can help you realise your dream home.

High Thermal Efficiency

Everyone loves big expanses of windows, but windows allow much more heat to escape than walls. English Building Regulations require walls to pass less than 0.35 W per square metre per degree temperature, while windows are allowed to pass up to 2W per square metre. So the more window area a building has the less thermally efficient it is.

To solve this problem we specify triple glazed windows for the Trend range which are twice as efficient as current Building Regulations and pass only 1W of energy per square metre. We can create homes with a huge expanse of windows and still be thermally efficient.

Trend Models

Trend Garages - The Trend range is completed with two garages. The Trend Garage 30 Single garage, and the Trend Garage 50 Double Garage. Both garages feature a separate workshop with its own entrance and as an option may have the same raised seam steel roof as Trend houses.


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