3 bed Family Homes

Talltoppen 90

Here you will find our selection of three bedroomed log houses.

Most of our product ranges include models with three bedrooms and within each range there are log houses of different sizes. To help you judge how big a house is, the number in the product name refers to the ground area of the house in square metres. So for example a Tallbacken 100 has a ground area of 100 square metres. There are approximately ten square feet in a square metre so the Tallbacken 100 has an area of approx 1000 square feet.

Some models such as the Talltoppen are one and a half storey meaning there is an upstairs area covering only part of the downstairs living space, and models such as the Tallhojden are two storey with an upstairs area equal to the downstairs area. In both cases the total living area will be greater than the area indicated in the name.

Log & Timber Frame homes from Finland

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