1 and 1/2 storey chalet houses

Talltoppen and Jarven Chalet Homes

Talltoppen Chalet House

We have two ranges of chalet style houses; Talltoppen and Jarven. Both types have loft rooms within the roof space, though the steeper roof pitch of the Talltoppens gives more useable space. These loft rooms are above the downstairs rooms and the lounge area is open to a vaulted roof, giving a wonderful open and airy feel to the living space. Both types have wide covered terraces over the full width of the house, giving a very useable outdoor space. 

The high specification of these houses includes insulated doors and triple glazed timber framed windows. The strength of the roof allows any roofing slates, tiles or metal sheeting to be used in addition to the standard heavy gauge felt supplied. As with all of our houses, the layouts can be customised to suit your needs.

NOTE: The prices quoted are for supply of the building, including walls, floors, ceiling, roof, felt roof covering, windows, external and internal doors, and door/window furniture. Not included is roofing tiles, plumbing, sanitary ware, kitchen units, electrical fittings, foundations, paint, or installation. 
If you would like us to recommend a build team to install the building for you, please ask for a quotation. As a very rough "Rule of thumb" a fully built and fitted out house should cost approximately twice the basic materials cost.

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